Medical Journalism VS Health Journalism

News coverage in Media is a complex phenomenon! Health-related issues are widely covered in news agencies by medical and health journalists. Thequantity, format and quality of their coverage influence the general public as well as policymakers andprofessions. Current studies and observations suggest that news agencies are more dominated by medicaltopics (disease, symptoms, epidemiology, treatment and […]

From MDGs to SDGs: New Impetus to Advance Health in Iran

Problem: The sustainable development goals (SDGs) and their associated targets and indicators provide a global framework for advancing health in development, which must be adapted to the needs of each country. Approach: Building on previous experience with millennium development goals (MDGs), the Islamic Republic of Iran is advancing health under the SDGs by targeting non-communicable diseases, which […]

Irrational use of antibiotics

Irrational use of antibiotics is proving to be a major concern to the health systems globally. This results in antibiotics resistance and increases health care costs. In Iran, despite many years of research, appreciable efforts, and policymaking to avoid irrational use of antibiotics, yet indicators show suboptimal use of antibiotics, pointing to an urgent need […]


Edited in English 22- Book Chapter: Lawry St Leger, Goof Bujis, Nastaran Keshavarz Mohammadi,Albert Lee. (2021). Health promoting schools in “Settings-Based Health Promotion – Theory and Practice” edited by Sami Kokko, Michelle Baybutt, Nature Springer (In press) 21- Book Chapter: Nastaran Keshavarz Mohammadi; Mohammad, Assai Mohammad, Assai Samar El FekyE. (2017). Healthy Cities in the […]