April 8, 2020

International Consultation and advisory services

2021- World health organisation, Geneva, (Health literacy)

2012- World Health Organization, Tehran office ( SDG)

2009- World Health Organization, Tehran office (Health Promotion)

2008- World Health Organization, Tehran office (Life Style)

2007­- World Health Organization, Head quarter (school health)

National Consultation and advisory services

2020- Advisor, Health and environment commission, Tehran City council

2016- 2017 National SDH Advisor to the Department of SDH, Ministry of health, Iran

2015-2016: National advisor to the General Directorate of Health Education, Deputy Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, Iran

1998-2000- Consultant to the governor of Qazvin state on women affairs

Ad Hock  national advisory Services

Deputy of public health, Iran Ministry of Health

Deputy of Social affairs, Iran Ministry of Health

Iran Ministry of Education

Iran Ministry of Energy

Qazvin Province governments