Key note speaker

April 8, 2020


9-2019- Complexity science and its application in politics, Iran Embassy in Switzerland, Bern

8-2019- Complexity science approach to individuals and their health behaviors, Research Colloquium, Department of Health Psychology, University of Zurich, Switzerland

7-2019- Health promotion in Iran and beyond, ZHAW University, Winterthur, Switzerland

6-2019- CAS approach to setting health promotion, European forum of Health Promotion, Denmark

5-2019- Intersectionality in public health roundtable, Pre-conference Symposium, Health promotion principles as foundation for solidarity and public health, France

4-2013- Developing health promotion capacities using information and communication technologies in Iran, Sub-plenary speaker, 21st IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, Pattaya, Thailand

3-2010- Community based health promotion programs in Iran, Sub- plenary on health promotion and human rights, Sub-plenary speaker 19th IUHE World Conference on Health Promotion, Geneva, Switzerland

2-2008- Complexity Science and its theories: Applications for change management, A private company, Sydney, Australia

1-2007-School health programs in Iran: challenges and opportunities. WHO technical meeting, Vancouver, Canada

In Iran

International, National and local conferences and seminars

26- 2021- Population growth, health and development: requirements, strategies and consequences. UNESCO chair Human Rights in SBU, webinar, critical perspectives on national parliament proposed regulation about population growth webinar, Iran

25- A case study of local sustainable development project with complex adaptive system approach, Sustainable development committee meeting, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA)

24- 2021 Health promoting hospitals approach, whys and hows, National virtual seminar on workplace health promotion, SBMU

23- 2021 Local context based sustainable development models In Iran , 4th conference of  Governance and Public policy, University of Sharif, Iran

22-2020- Corona related news media coverage in Iran from health promote perspectives, SBMU webinar on Media coverage of Corona related news during the pandemic in Iran

21- 2020. Principles of empowerment with focus on women, First webinar of women studies and research Centre of Tehran University

20- 2018 All for health, health for all: the necessity of improving living conditions and social responsibility for health promotion, The first state health assembly, Kermanshah

19- 2017 The role of life style on male reproductive health, the first international congress of male reproductive health in Iran, Tehran

18-2016 A new approach to Oral health promotion,8th Armey dental Congress, Tehran

17-. Social marketing for health: its application for functional food, Third national conference on probiotics and functional foods, Tehran

16- 2015 Evidence based advocacy for health How we do it in Iran?, Second international conference of health promotion, Kermanshah, Iran

15- 2015 Workplace health promotion: whys and hows, First seminar on workplace health promotion, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran

13- 2014 Challenges of changing nutrition behaviour to prevent communicable diseases: individual-based VS social based interventions. First international Nutrition congress in Iran,

12- 2013 Health promoting hospitals. National Conference of Health education and Promotion, TUMS, Tehran

11- 2013 Health promoting workplace. Second Healthy workplace Festival, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

10 – 2013 Health promoting workplace. Health workplace seminar, The Ministry of Energy, Tehran

9- 2012 Health promoting workplace: a holistic approach, First healthy workplace festival, Ministry of Energy

8- 2011 Health promoting settings: a modern approach to health promotion, Iranian first international conference on health education and promotion, Tabriz

7- 2011Health promoting schools: International experiences. Iranian first international conference on health education and promotion, Tabriz, Iran

6- 2011Methodology of research in health and religion, Health and Religion conference, Yasuj University of Medical Sciences

5 - 2011 Evidence-based policy making. First national conference on urban health, Tehran

4- 2008 Third millennium, health promoters and responsibilities, The third Iranian Health Promotion and Education Congress, Hamadan

3- 2008 Life style interventions for healthy eating and physical activity, National Conference on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Lifestyle, Qazvin

2- 2008 Midwifery and international health, National midwifery conference, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran

1- 2008 Health promoting workplace, WHO approach, Health, Safety and Education Conference, Qazvin