October 29, 2020

Chief investigator (National scope projects)

2020-present Digital health literacy among university students in Iran

2019- Developing “what people should know about cancer” educational package, commissioned by Iran cancer research network Cancer research institute, Tehran  University of medical sciences

2017- Benchmarking of Health-Related SDGs ion Iran, commissioned by WHO office in Tehran

2017- Development of national Health- oriented governance indicators, A commissioned by Iran Ministry of Health, Iran

2017- Development of a national tool for measuring organisational responsibility and accountability for health (OSRAH), commissioned by Iran Ministry of Health

2016- A scoping review on national and international experiences of addressing social determinants of health through health policy and civil society participation: providing suggestions for structure, objectives and activities of Deputy of social affairs, Ministry of health, Iran

2016- Development of the road map for Deputy for Social affairs, Ministry of Health, Iran

2016- Development of national educational package about consumption of plastic containers, commissioned by Iran Ministry of Health

2016- Development of national standards for Health promoting hospitals

2016- Measuring National adherence to treatment among HIV positive patients

2015- Developing digital health messages packages (SMS) For the main  cellphone company in Iran, commissioned by Added Value Laboratory of Sharif University

2015- Development of a national tool for measurement and situation assessment of health promotion in workplaces

2015- Development of a evidence based policy support document for the national plan to reduce consumption of shopping plastic bags  in Tehran , commissioned by National organisation of environment

2015- Development of the national on line health education resource for Iranians (Daneshnameh Salamte Iranian), commissioned by Iran Ministry of Health,

2011-2012- Development of the first curriculum for PhD degree of health promotion

2011-Developing a healthy life style educational package, commissioned by WHO office in Tehran

2011- Investigating the evaluation method of internship in the field of environmental health undergraduate students in health schools across the country in 2010-2011

2009- Share of developing countries in editorial boards international public health Journal, Qazvin university of Medical Sciences

2009- Situation analysis of community- based health promotion programs in Iran, commissioned by WHO office in Tehran

2007- Scoping review of School health in Iran, commissioned by WHO/HQ, Geneva, Switzerland

2010- Member of the team, Development of educational package on principles of health promotion  for general practitioners ,commissioned by Ministry of Health, Iran

Local scope research

2010- Developing Health Promoting Hospital implementation plan for Qazvin hospital, Qazvin university of Medical Sciences

2010- Optimization plan of production system for collection and publication of educational and research information , Qazvin University of Medical Sciences Studies and Development Center

 2006- Investigating the educational status of family health undergraduate course in Qazvin University of Medical Sciences during 2002-2006, Qazvin university of Medical Sciences

Completed PhD thesis

15- Samira Mohammadi (2020). Exploring the coverage of health in news agencies and evaluating an intervention to improve it: suggesting practical solutions

14- Zahra Sharif (2020).   Exploring irrational consumption of antibiotic in Iran: application of CAS theory and agent-based simulation model

13- Marzieh Soleiman Negad (2018). Development, implementation and evaluation of a community based intervention to reduce salt consumption: utilizing social marketing framework in the city of Ahvaz

12- Zakaria Rohanain, Z  (2017). Evaluation of traditional medicine education on lifestyle of Behvarz and people living in villages in Kashan district (Associate supervisor)

11- Mohammad Aligol (2017). Development, implementation and evaluation of a community based project to increase physical activity among women utilizing ecological framework in a disadvantaged area in the city of Qoam

10- Azam Doost-mohammadian (2017).  Development, implementation and evaluation of a food and Nutrition literacy tool for primary school students in Tehran

9- Kobra Nouri (2017).  Risk assessment of breast cancer among high risk women and development of a decision aid for breast cancer screening

8- Mohammad Hussain Vaziri (2017). Nationalization and Validation of the Health Promoting Hospitals Self-Assessment Tool and  it’s application for Situation Assessment in hospitals of Tehran City

7- Vahid Yazdi-feizabadi (2017). Policy analysis of health promoting schools in Iran and evaluating its effectiveness on nutrition status of schools in Kerman (Associate supervisor)

6- Saeed Doaee (2016). Examining the mutual interactions of genetics, lifestyle and BMI and evaluation of influence of a health promotion intervention on weight, BMI and FTO and IRX3 genes among 12 to 18 years old boys

5- Marayam Mazaheri (2016). Development, implementation and evaluation of a community-based project to reduce road traffic accidents utilizing action research method among motorcyclists in the city of Dezful

4- Masoud Motallebi (2016). Development of a national tool and its implementation to measure workplace health promotion in Iran

3- Marjan Baghand (2016). Exploring influencing factors on consumption of functional diaries utilizing social marketing framework in Tehran and development of a measurement tool for their preferences

2- Sima Gasemi (2015).  A mixed method needs assessment of elderly in the city of Tehran

1-Roohollah Kalhor (2014). Development of an integrated management system for essential surgical care in district hospitals of Iran

Completed Master thesis (main supervisor)

22. Mona Jamee. (2021). Perceived organizational Justice and its associate with mental health of medical Interns

21-Zeinab Eskandari (2018). Exploring the effect of Mobile based education on knowledge and behaviour of pregnant women referring to SBMU health centres regarding pregnancy risk symptoms 

20- Barahossadat Bahreini (2018). A critical review on community participation types in health promotion programs worldwide

 19-Maryam Kolahdooz (2018). Knowledge and practice of People suffering from Diabetes type 2 and evaluating the effect of educating their families in Neishaboor  

18-Reza Poor Aeen (2018). Correlation of  emotional intelligence and spiritual health among high school students in Dezful

 17- Elham Norlolahi (2016). Adherence to treatment and its influencing factors among HIP positive patients in Tehran

16- Soori Safari (2016). Development, implementation and evaluation of effectiveness of education men by mobile text messaging on mode of delivery of their wives

15- Zahra Mohammadi (2016). Evaluating the effectiveness of educational programs on mothers perceived barriers toward teeth brushing and sugar consumption of their 3-5 years old children in the city of Arak

14- Elehae Shokoohi (2016). Comparing oral health status of boys and girls in primary schools of Tehran

13- Khaterh Farazmand (2016). Comparing the effectiveness of direct and indirect health education on STDs among college students of  medical sciences

12- Farnush Farkhondehkish (2015)Satus of education, attitude, preferences and behaviours of Food and vegetable markets’ customers in Tehran regarding shopping plastic bags and developing an educational package, Iran

11- Elahm Naderi (2015). Comparing effectiveness of two educational methods(direct and indirect) on reduction of back pain among teachers in Savegbolagh, Tehran, Iran

10- Shabnam Sadegholbayan (2015). Status of education, attitude, preferences and behaviours of Food and vegetable markets’ retailers in Tehran regarding shopping plastic bags developing an educational package, Iran

9. Majid Parnianfar (2014). Examining risk and protective factors of drug abuse in high school students in Shahroud  and developing and education plan

8- Parvaneh Sahraee (2013).  Exploring perceived barriers of mothers with 3- 6 years old towards oral health of their children in Kamyaran, Iran

7- Mehrdad Barkhordari (2013).  Needs assessments of patient with heart disease in Khatamol Anbia Hospital and developing an educational package, Tehran

6- Rezaee Pandari (2013).  Assessment of fish consumption and its influencing factors in Yazd using social marketing framework in 2013

5- Maryam Golshaee (2013). Comparative study of midwifery education system and midwives role in primary health care in Iran and selected countries of the word

4- Zahed Zahedifar (2011).  Evaluation of field training for graduate students of public health in all universities in Iran, Iran University of Medical Sciences (Associate supervisor)

3-Lotfollah Museli (2009). Situation analysis of essential surgical care in districts hospitals in Iran using the standard tool developed by WHO:  A national survey.

 2- Nahid Yazdi (2009).  Needs assessment of elderly in urban health centres of Qazvin.

1-Shalviri (2009). people’s satisfaction from Emergency  health care services in Qazvin